Meet Mile High Painting!

Mile High Painting is lead by Shawn Gratton who has had a paintbrush in hand since her Dad figured out she could help get the log cabin they lived in stained.. EVERY summer! 

Good news for Dad and the Okanagan Shawn has never put that paintbrush down, unless a sprayer or roller is required! 

Mile High Painting prides themselves on both listening to what you want and offering a variety of suggestions to help you make the best decision for what fits you and your home the best. 

From colour consoltations, to creative faux finishing, wall paper, staining, refinishing furniture and really anything you can dream up, the sky's the limit and Mile High Painting can get it done for you.

Mile High Painting was born in Spring of 2002 and quickly became established as the "go to" company at Big White, Shawn and her team has tackled everything from the high end Feathertop Landing to repaints in the Whitefoot. Soon Mile High grew and came down the mountain to expand into Kelowna and area.